9th and 10th Grade Timeline

Preparing for College – 9th and 10th Grade Timeline

Grades count! Do your homework and study hard. Grade Point Average is a deciding factor for colleges and you can start working on that the day you enter high school. Aspire to make a 3.0 GPA or higher.

Meet with your College Advisor to talk about your four-year plan for high school.

Stay organized!  Strong organizational skills will not only help you keep your grades up in high school, but will also be essential during the college application process.

READ!  Strong reading skills are essential for success in high school and college.  As with any skill, reading frequently will help you improve.

Understand CAT’s graduation requirements and the requirements to get into a UC or CSU college.

Get involved in extra-curricular activities, both in and out of school.  Consider joining clubs, running for student government, trying out for a sport or getting a job or internship.  Extra-curricular activities look great on a college application, but remember that colleges would rather see real, long-term involvement in one activity than a loose connection to several activities.

Do community service.  This looks great on a college application and can also help you build valuable skills.  Try to find an activity that you love to do, or use community service as a way to explore new interests.  Be sure to keep track of your hours of service.

Ask older students for advice about how to succeed in high school.  If you know anyone who is attending or has recently graduated college, ask for their words of wisdom.

Keep a record of your academic accomplishments and extra-curricular activities.  This will come in handy when you are ready to complete your college applications.

Research college and career possibilities.  There is a lot of information online to get you thinking about matches for your skills and interests.

Begin saving money for college.  It’s never too late to start a college savings plan, if you haven’t already.  Every little bit helps!