Clubs and Activities

Clubs and Activities

Student Clubs

Clubs and ActivitiesClubs at Impact are almost entirely student led, giving students a chance to exercise leadership skills around something they are passionate about. Impact students can petition at any time to form a new club, and only need a faculty sponsor who agrees to oversee the club.  We strongly encourage students to create new clubs to explore their interests.  Club possibilities include: Guitar Club, Anime Club, Film Club, GSA, Yearbook, Newspaper, Engineering, Physics Club, Dance Club, Cheerleading, Music Club, Environmental Club, Step Team, and anything else students dream up!

Associated Student Body (ASB)

The Associated Student Body is made up of student leaders that drive school culture by organizing dances, spirit weeks, community meetings and student justice panels. It’s a wonderful way for students to exercise their leadership skills and have a voice in how the school is run.  ASB members also host campus visitors and give outreach presentations at middle schools.  These year-long positions are nominated and elections are held each September.  Being a member of the ASB looks GREAT on a college application!

Do you want to join ASB and have a role in shaping the school?  Keep your eyes open for election information in the fall, or talk to anyone on the Administration Team.

Leadership Council

The Leadership Council is a governing body for the school, composed of students, parents and staff members.  The Council votes on the school calendar and any changes in school policy.  Members are nominated once a year and elections are held during PA meetings.