Apply To 7th or 9th Grade

Apply To 7th or 9th Grade | Aplicar a 7mo o 9no Grado

Apply to 9th Grade

As part of your application process, we strongly encourage you to attend an Information Session to get to know our school better and decide if it is the right match for you. Learn about upcoming events by visiting our home page.

To apply to Impact Academy of Arts and Technology, each student must complete our online application, which is available in both English and Spanish. Just click the link below and select English or Spanish in the upper right hand corner of the application page.

2017-18 Application | Solicitud

Deadline: February 17, 2017

All applications submitted before February 17, 2017 will be placed in a “pool” along with all other applications submitted before the deadline.  If the number of applications received exceeds the number of available spaces in the 7th or 9th grade class, we will hold a lottery to determine admission. Lottery information will be emailed and mailed to applicants in late February or early March.

Students who are not selected in the lottery will be placed on the Waiting List and will be offered seats in the order in which they were drawn in the lottery as seats become available throughout the spring and summer. Students who apply after the deadline will automatically be placed at the end of the waiting list.