Results and Testimonials

“I used to be really shy but coming to Impact made me realize I have a voice that needs to be heard.”
Kristine Clara, Class of  2012

“After our time here, Impact has proven to be a school that embodies the community agreements that we are safe, respectful, helpful and supportive. It is because of Impact that we have formed friendships filled with diversity and a community we can all call our own. Impact is an environment where students are encouraged to use their voice and overcome obstacles. We support one another and share a bond far greater than any traditional high school. We are and forever will be a family.”
Aleysha Thomas, Class of 2012, from her graduation speech

“Coming to Impact was by far one of the best decisions I’ve made and I know it’s played a huge role in helping me become the person I am today.  There are many aspects that make Impact stand out from other schools but the one that has made the biggest difference in my life was the relationships. Impact has a strong sense of community that is hard to find and that is why it’s such a special place. The relationships I’ve formed with teachers and peers have impacted my life, and even though I am going off to college I know that no matter what, Impact will always be a second home.  The relationships I’ve made the last four years will be with me always!”
Rebeca, Class of 2012 Graduate, attending Occidental College

“ Impact not only gave me the right guidance, but prepared me more than enough for college. There was not one thing that I did at Impact that I did not need in college. I believe that a lot of students wish to do better and would like to get a higher education, but do not know what and how to do it. That is where Impact excels – every teacher that I had gave me the attention I needed and when it came to looking at colleges. Our college counselor was there just about 24 hours of the day. Impact is one of the main reasons why I would like to become a teacher myself.”
Roxana, Impact Graduate, Class of 2011

“Impact Academy helped my son develop strong leadership skills, maintain high academic standards, and choose the right college to fit his personality and career goals. Impact Academy supports the same values we have at home –be close as a family, be honest and trustworthy, and be accountable. As proof that Impact Academy can support a successful path through high school and into college, my son passed three AP courses, was the valedictorian for his class, will be entering SDSU Honors Program in the fall, and is finalizing his AFROTC scholarship. I can only take part of the credit for guiding him on this journey; I am very thankful to the teachers and staff at Impact Academy for their important role in shaping his pre-adult life.”
Nestor, Impact parent