Technology For Students

Technology for Students

Access Student Accounts

Students use computers almost daily at Impact.  The school is proud to have a state-of-the-art wireless network and one of the fastest internet connections available, allowing all students to be online at the same time without experiencing delays.  In addition, all four Envision Schools are linked together on the same network, which boasts a gigabit of bandwidth.

Impact takes student safety very seriously, and we use sophisticated web and email filtering to ensure that computers are used for appropriate purposes.  Our web content filtering prevents student access to inappropriate websites and email filtration systems flag any improper email communications.  Students’ activity and communication is monitored by Impact to guarantee that our technology is used only for school purposes and to maintain a safe environment for all students.

All students have a Impact email account, hosted on Google, which provides access to Google Drive/Docs, Chromebooks, Kahn Academy, an educational video library, and a host of other technology-based educational services.  Every teacher is provided with a MacBook laptop and teachers frequently use Google Docs, YouTube, and other resources to integrate technology as a dynamic teaching tool. Impact also has a projector in every classroom and an assortment of top of the line digital video and still cameras available for students to use on various projects. Impact has five mobile laptop carts, two iMac labs, four iMacs in the Learning Center and three Macbooks.

Students can store their coursework on the school server and “in the cloud” to minimize the risk of losing their work and to allow for collaboration between students and teachers.

Digital Media Arts

We also have on staff a Digital Media Arts teacher, Omar Bryan.  Digital Media classes focus on Audio, Video and Still Visual Designs created on the computer.

Impact Student Accounts

All Impact students are provided with four user accounts. Click on the links below to access your accounts.

Impact Academy’s PowerSchool administrator is Linda Galendar. Please send an email to if you’re having trouble with your account.

What’s my Username & Password?

Students and guardians may request their username and password from their Impact Advisor. Usernames are usually formulated as such: Firstname_Lastname.  So, if John Doe were an Envision student graduating in 2015, his username would be: John_Doe.  Unique passwords are assigned by the Technology staff at the beginning of the school year and will be distributed via Advisors.