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WLE Calendar: 2015-2016

Job Shadow Day: Friday, Oct 23rd

Day 1: Friday, Nov 6th

Day 2: Friday, Nov 13th

Day 3: Friday, Nov 20th

Day 4: Friday, Dec 4th

Day 5: Friday, Dec 11th

Day 6: Friday, Dec 18th

Day 7: Friday, Jan 8th

Day 8: Friday, Jan 22nd

Day 9: Friday, Jan 29

What is WLE? 

WLE stands for Workplace Learning Experience, which is a program for our high school students at Impact Academy to find internships in professional settings. 

Who are the students?

The interns are 11th and 12th grade students from Impact Academy of Arts and Technology, a charter school in Hayward.  Many of our students will be the first in their families to go to college, and they often lack connections with adults who have college degrees.  This program is designed to give students authentic work experiences as well as exposure to adults in a profession that they are interested in.

What are the expectations for the adult mentors?

  1. Model professionalism so our students have an idea of how to act in the working world.

  2. Show the student around your workplace and introduce them to your colleagues.

  3. Assign the student tasks that are appropriate given their abilities.

  4. Build relationships!  Our students are amazing kids who will open up to adults who show them kindness and respect. 

What are the students able to do?

Obviously the needs of every workplace are unique, but here are some projects that our students have completed in the past:

  1. Creating information pamphlets, posters, or videos to inform customers about your business.

  2. Designing and fundraising for an event for your business.

  3. Cleaning and organizing spaces that have been neglected.

  4. And of course they are adept at answering phones, filing papers, communicating with customers, copying, running errands, etc.

Why should I become a mentor?

Over the past four years, these internships have proven to be powerful learning experiences for both the students and their adult mentors.  Our mentors typically have great experiences with the students and often have a huge impact on the student’s future.


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